Production Assistants with Minivans for Hire

$119 for the First Hour 



One Call Does It All

Book a Minivan and professional Production Assistants to take care of your pick ups with a simple call or text

Pay Only for What You Need

Hire as many PAs as you need for the job by the hour. No more paying full day rates when all you need is a pickup and someone to help load in  

Flat Easy Rates

Get a Vehicle and PA for $119 for the first hour and 99 cents/min after that. Add an Extra $44 for each additional PA you need 

GPS Tracking And Security

Real time alerts via email and text show you exactly where your equipment is at all times between pickup and return. Cameras on our vans record everything from pickup to delivery. To make sure there are always eyes on your equipment

Why One Way PA? 

Client Reviews

"Best way to get gear to and from a shoot in NYC, by far. Rental cars and the subway have been a huge waste of time/energy. I've had *multiple* Uber drivers take one look at a few stands and cases, shout something incoherent out the window, then drive off. I wouldn't trust a random sketchy courier with lenses etc but these guys genuinely know what they're doing."

Michael Nusbaum, Facebook Review 8/7/17